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Melissa Burnett

SuperStar Director


My Story

  Welcome to Scentsy and the Scentsy Family. My name is Melissa (AKA Miss Wickless), and Scentsy has taken me from a stay-at-home mom of two boys to a mom with a business, one that provides me the flexibility to be with my children with the income of a full-time job. Not only do I get to see my boys every morning before school and when they get home, the Scentsy opportunity has provided me the freedom to work on my own schedule, allowing me to volunteer at my sons’ school. I also take my boys to piano and Lacrosse and have the time for family meals. I truly feel like Scentsy has given me the best of motherhood and the workforce. Scentsy has also given me amazing opportunities and some of my greatest friends. I have traveled across the country selling the product and meeting other great entrepreneurs, like you, who have been able to start their own Scentsy business. I’ve also gotten to attend Scentsy events in Vegas, Fort Worth, and other amazing places across the US. Additionally, every year Scentsy provides the opportunity for consultants to earn an incentive trip. Past trips have included amazing places like Punta Cana. I would love to share the Scentsy Family products (Scentsy, Velata) with you. And if you are looking for a flexible business opportunity with an Inc. 500 company, let’s schedule some time to talk. I look forward to sharing this journey with you.   <!--endbody-->  

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